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Hikids is a leading commercial playground equipment manufacturer -- we've been building playgrounds since 1929. We work with park and recreation professionals, schools, landscape architects and youth organizations to create outdoor recreation solutions for every generation. Play and fitness projects should be fun, fast, and easy. These solutions shortcuts are a great first step to guide you in the right direction. 

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  • Bind material for fixing plants
    Bind material for fixing plants

    Garden degradable bind ties and accessories, what details must pay attention.

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  • How to judge the tie quality
    How to judge the tie quality

    Plastic cable tie is one of our daily use of a tool, widely used and strapping internal connections such as television, computers, household appliances, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the lines fixed, mechanical equipment, oil pipe fixed, fixed nylon gear cable line on ships

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  • How to improve hands-on skills
    How to improve hands-on skills

    Handwork has become an important part of early childhood education, in many people's subconscious often "art is painting, handwork is moving hands to play together, paper cutting, pinch plasticine". That's not true. Fine arts include sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, and architecture. Painting and handwork are both part of art. Children's hand that needs the foundation of painting, sculpture and decoration skills.

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  • Classification of handmade materials
    Classification of handmade materials

    Classification of handmade materials 1. Metal materials Metal material refers to the luster, ductility, easy to conduct electricity, heat transfer and other properties of materials. Generally divided into two kinds of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal. Ferrous metals include iron, chromium, manganese, etc. Among them, steel is the basic structural material, known as the "skeleton of industry".

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  • The benefits of DIY by hand
    The benefits of DIY by hand

    There are many benefits to DIY, including the following.1. Develop confidence To complete a handmade work independently requires the use of both hands and brains. In this process, there will be many problems. If you can insist on finishing it, it is a sign of perseverance.

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  • The importance of children's handiwork
    The importance of children's handiwork

    Playing with your child and doing crafts are two of the most important things during the child's early years (ages 0-6). Why do you say that? 1.Do by hand is only the appearance, the real operation is the whole brain system. (Thinking ability) The movement of small muscle groups such as wrist and fingers can directly stimulate the cerebral cortex and promote the development and perfection of cerebral cortex function.

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Rongfa Plastics Products Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994 and changed to current name after reorganization in 2003. We a specialized manufacturer of various binding materials, Kid’s DIY accessories, Packaging twist ties.



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