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The importance of children's handiwork

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10670698_3_副本Playing with your child and doing crafts are two of the most important things during the child's early years (ages 0-6). Why do you say that?

1.Do by hand is only the appearance, the real operation is the whole brain system. (Thinking ability)

The movement of small muscle groups such as wrist and fingers can directly stimulate the cerebral cortex and promote the development and perfection of cerebral cortex function.

2. lack of self-confidence, introverted loneliness need manual to cure (happiness ability)

Handmaking is not only a physiological function for children. Handmaking activities are more important to children's comprehensive ability and mental health. Each handicraft activity is equivalent to a small-scale process of realizing the ideal. The process is full of various factors, allowing children to experience a rich scene, bringing a more optimistic attitude towards life and cultivating the ability of happiness.

03.love temper, not social, because the manual do less (self-regulation and communication skills)

Handwork is a good way to cultivate the body and mind and improve the ability of self-regulation. If you don't know how to discipline a bear child. A very good way is to accompany him to do manual work. Because through the quiet and patient completion of manual can improve the child's ability to self-regulation.

In the process of handmade, in addition to children's body and mind will be cultivated, through the mutual cooperation of handmade, will make children know how to communicate with others, empathy, promote the development of communication ability.

04,cultivate children's observation, imagination (the ability to construct things)

Children will gradually develop the habit of carefully observing the surrounding things in the process of handwork, and grasp the characteristics of things more and more accurately

In fact, there are no children who do not love to do crafts, only parents who do not love to do crafts. Handwork is actually a more correct expression of labor skills education, handwork can be color mud, paper, bean, pottery, candles... At home, I can also accompany my children to do some simple fruit platter, card graffiti, greening nature, furniture display and so on in daily life.

Parents in the process of guidance, but also to set an example for their children to set a good example!

Doing handwork is a high-quality play, so that children's thinking ability can be fully developed.