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Rongfa Grapes growing bags advantages and disadvantages

Views: 44     Author: Paul Yu     Publish Time: 2021-11-23      Origin: www.rongfa.cn Inquire


  1. Grape growing bag can reduces the chance of pests and diseases to infect the fruit。

  2. Grape bag can reduce the use of pesticides and reduce pesticide residues. After bagging, various pesticides cannot be sprayed on the fruits direct.

  3. Grape bag can improve the smoothness of the fruit surface. which can avoid the pollution of wind, rain, dust, and chemicals, and improve the appearance quality.


From the 1990s to the beginning of the 21st century, grape bagging technology began to be widely promoted in China. Accepted and recognized by the majority of grape growers.

There are many kinds of grape bagging, according to the texture can be divided into: wood pulp waxed paper bags, pure wood pulp paper bags, plastic film bags, non-woven bags, daylight grape bags. When we choose grapes for bagging, we must base on local climate conditions, grape varieties, grape bagging specifications and production purposes.

Although the bag will improve the quality and output of your grapes, it also increases the workload of the farmers a lot. And need additional work steps.

You must carefully calculate the costs and benefits.

Now, Rongfa plastic products Co.,Ltd. start to try to selling these bags to global market. Hope can help vineyards add their output.