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How to judge the tie quality

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Plastic cable tie is one of our daily use of a tool, widely used and strapping internal connections such as television, computers, household appliances, lighting, electrical, electronic toys and other products within the lines fixed, mechanical equipment, oil pipe fixed, fixed nylon gear cable line on ships, bicycle vehicle packaging or bundling other objects, also can be used in agriculture, horticulture, handicrafts, such as a knot, also for Europe and the United States and other countries of all kinds of supermarket, volume, etc.

The method of judging the quality of plastic nylon tie:

1. By observing the appearance of the plastic nylon tie, the appearance and color of the product with good quality are very uniform, without impurity embedded in it. For the poor quality of the tie, there are many bubbles, impurities, gaps and charring in the product.

2, observe the occlusal teeth of the tie belt, see if it is neat, and scratch it with fingernails to see if it is out of shape. For easily deformed and irregular occlusal teeth, the bundling of items is not strong, and the quality of good occlusal teeth is not easy to deform.

3, check the product manual, see what material is used to do, for some inferior materials, its own characteristics are very bad, easy to break, easy aging and short service life.

4. By testing the bearing capacity of the plastic tie belt, you can pull it slightly, but not with a very large force. The force is too large is also very easy to break, for different specifications of plastic tie with its bearing capacity is also different, so it depends on the actual situation, if the pull is broken, then the product is certainly not qualified.

5. Whether the product brand is a famous brand or not, there is quality assurance for the famous brand.

6.see whether the product has quality verification trademark, for qualified products is through the inspection of the quality supervision bureau