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How to improve hands-on skills

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Handwork has become an important part of early childhood education, in many people's subconscious often "art is painting, handwork is moving hands to play together, paper cutting, pinch plasticine". That's not true. Fine arts include sculpture, painting, arts and crafts, and architecture. Painting and handwork are both part of art. Children's hand that needs the foundation of painting, sculpture and decoration skills.

Handmade activities are common activities in kindergartens. In the handmade activities in kindergartens, the main task is to cultivate children's creativity and imagination.

For the students of preschool education, handwork is a skill that every student must master, and it is also a course that is engaged in early childhood education workers must master. If you want to have a good course, you need to know more knowledge.

First, the connotation of handmade

Hand-making refers to the use of certain material materials (such as paper, mud, cloth, waste materials in life, etc.) and some flower materials such as stickers, with hands and simple tools (such as scissors, glue), through tearing, folding, cutting, paste, pinch and other means, into a plane or three-dimensional object image activities.

Second, thinking about the handmade kindergarten

Create an atmosphere for craft activities

A piece of paper after cutting, folding, tearing, painting, paste, etc., can be combined into one image exaggeration, rich taste, for this kind of attractive, making children have the strong interest, through its own operating activities, children's sense of achievement and pride satisfied, at the same time, the beauty of art has its own special ways.

three, mining the content of manual activities

Fully excavate the various content of handcraft activities, not only make children full of strong interest in different activity content, further stimulate children's enthusiasm for exploration and creation of interest, but also greatly enrich the material resources of handcraft activities.

(4) Explore the ways of manual activities

Teaching is a bilateral activity formed by the interaction between teachers' "teaching" and children's "learning". The teaching process is not only the process of teaching, but also the process of children's learning.

According to the characteristics of children's learning, children's manual activities are shown in different parts of a day's life.

In modern society, people pay more and more attention to children's preschool education. Preschool teaching as a key stage of preschool education, its importance is no less than compulsory education. Children are in the golden period of intelligence development and hands-on ability cultivation. It is very important to carry out manual teaching in early childhood.