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Garden Fruit Protection Paper Bag

  • This bag can effectively protect the growth of fruits.
  • Our paper material is perishable and environmentally friendly.
  • Reduce fruit damage, such as wind, rain, sunshine, etc.
  • P9309

Protect Description:

  • You can choose the right size according to the growth needs of the fruit to provide protection for the fruit.

  • Material: Made of pulp paper, which will not affect the growth of the fruit.The vent design at the bottom allows the fruit to breathe freely and drain water in time.

  • Easy To Use: Each fruit bag has iron wire, which is convenient for you to seal it firmly when installing, and it is also very easy to remove.

  • Protect Fruits: Pulp paper fruit protection bags have good air permeability,which can provide good shelter for fruits and reduce the attention of birds.

  • Widely Used: Garden plant fruit protection bags are not only suitable for fruit protection of fruit trees,but also very suitable for protecting vegetables and flowers, and protecting plants from birds.

 P9309 RONGFA fruit bag 14

Common Size: 18*27cm ,20*30cm, 23*31cm  customized
OEM & ODM : packing, size, color, is available.

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Now our 80% products export to many countries every year. We try our best to provide better and more professional services to overseas customers : 

  • Experienced export sales team for oversea business,have local sales servicer in some countries.

  • Provide customized, OEM and ODM services.

  • Flexible deliver way.  

  • Flexible payment way within the scope permitted by law.

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We are honored to be a member of the global supply chain of many well-known companies.

  • Strict product quality management system

  • Provide good protection and care for employees

  • Protect the surrounding environment in accordance with the law

by these way,  we steadily supply reliable prdoucts to cusotmers for long term.

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