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100PCS Mixed Various sizes assorted balck wiggle eyes

12mm 5colored Pupil Wiggle Eyes Assorted 100PCS/Bag

12mm 5colored Pupil Wiggle Eyes Assorted 100PCSBag

500PCS Mixed Various Size And Colors Wiggle Eyes

adjustable PVC ties

Adjustable Ties

Agriculture accessories

agriculture net

agriculture tools

Apple Clips

Auto tying machine

bag closure

bamboo plant tags

bind machine

Bind Tape

Bind Ties

Bind Tree Tape

Bind Wire

Binding Tape

Binding Ties

binding tool

binding wire


biodegradable grow bags

Biodegradable Twist Ties

bird net

Bird scare

bird scarer

black plastic Mesh Clip

Black Wiggle Eyes 10pcsbag

Bouquet Packing Paper

Bow Ties

Bow Twist Ties

bread bag

Break twist ties

bump Pipe cleaners

Cat Grooming Brush

Cat Grooming Glove

cat hair brush

cat hammock bed

cat hammock for wall

cat round pet bed

cat sofa pet bed

cat window perch hammock

Chenille stem

chenille stems

cleaners Twist Ties


Coffee bag ties

Coiled Natural Paper Binding Twist Ties

Collapsible Dog Bowl

Colorful Plastic Twist Ties

craft kits for kids diy

craft materials

craft paper

Crafts Paper Twine Rope

custom origami paper

cute cat house

dispenser with cut

DIY craft materials

DIY floral arrangement

DIY match stick

Diy materials

DIY pompoms

DIY wooden

dog food bowl

dog food containers

dog mat

doll eyes

Double Wire

EVA DIY toys

extensible ties

Floral frame

floral wire

flower bind wire

Flower Bow Ribbons

Flower Clips

Flower Paper

Flower Ribbons

flowers kids DIY tape

Fluffy Plush Craft Pompom


Foldable Pet Feeding

food bag clips

food bag closure

food packing

frame tape

fruit bag

fruit protective bag

Galvanized iron wire

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Rongfa Plastics Products Co.,Ltd was founded in 1994 and changed to current name after reorganization in 2003. We a specialized manufacturer of various binding materials, Kid’s DIY accessories, Packaging twist ties.



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