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Bind material for fixing plants

Views: 29     Author: Paul Yu     Publish Time: 2021-01-28      Origin: Site Inquire


People tend gardens to get a beautiful yard and plants growing better. One of the tasks is fixing plants to needed shape. Various Plastic bind ties and accessories have always been the first choice for gardening strapping. They are rainproof, durable, cheap and easily buy, so various plastic material bind products have been occupying a major market share till now.

As the public pays more attention to environmental protection, more and more people begin to use garden bind accessories that made of paper and degradable plastics, to replace normal plastics to better protect the environment.

Paper Ties DSC_0795

Some people worry about the quality of these papers or degradable products. In fact, all kinds of these bind materials have instructions for use, and they have different certain range of uses.

When using degradable accessories to bind plants, what you should pay attention to is:

1) Try a small quantity first, because acutal degradable time is base on the local actual climate. 

    Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Sunlight, etc.

2) There are two ways of degradation. One is to start to degradable during use until it falls off the plant naturally, another is deep-buried, it starts to decompose after being buried in the ground.


3) Degradable time does not mean that products performance can be stable to the end. The performance is a gradual decay process, which may affect your use effect.